Pájaros Argentinos – Argentine Birds

June 2019 – Present

Since 2017, Lunui has been creating products. First lamps. Then, decorative iron birds. We aspire to get people to empathize with different bird species so that they become more aware of conservation of their natural habitat.


Our design process is, like most creative projects, a non-linear process that requires many iterations. After we decide which bird to create, we start by investigating about the species. This research stage requires an in depth analysis of bird morphology. Our objective is to pinpoint what makes the bird unique and recognizable. Only then we can start working on different sketches. While illustrating some birds can be a very straight forward process, others requiere many iterations.

After the design is finalized, we convert the illustration into blueprints the metal laser cutter can decode. Then the files are sent to the metal factory to create our first prototypes. If no changes need to be made to the design, we send a bigger amount of birds to be produced. After they are cut, they are enameled and fired in a furness to prevent rust.


After we receive the products, each bird is packaged individually in a box that also includes a leaflet with information about the bird and a custom QR code that, when scanned, allows you to hear that bird’s song.


All of our designs are approved and then endorsed by “Aves Argentinas”, an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and birdwatching. Created in 1916, it is the oldest environmental organization in South America.